"If she wasn't dead I'd borrow her shoes..."

Female Morticians and Apprentices!
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Greetings! I am psychopoof, your humble founder. It came to me one day that the few of us ladies in the field of Mortuary science and funeral directing. Here we can share our experiences, rant mindlessly about our coworker-related irks, and dabble about how you had to butter that obese fellow's corpse in order to get him into the coffin. (Pardon, that was a personal experience of mine..)
Females wanting to get into the field and have an intrest in the field are also very, very welcome! There are no rules, however men are not encouraged to join. This kind of defeats the purpose of the community, but if any guys want to give any advice to us ladies regarding this field, feel free to share.

Note: the community name is spelt the way it is because the other makeupinmorgues appeared to be taken.