Cayora (cayora) wrote in makeupinmourges,

Another newbie with questions.

Hello to you all!  I was excited to find this community, since it gives me somewhere to come with questions I am having difficulty finding answers to.  I had long been interested in the funeral industry, but I was discouraged by the rather foolish belief that the only thing to be done was to be a funeral director.  I really don't feel up to that kind of organizational or sales work, but I do believe that focusing on the restorative arts would be more or less ideal to me.  To be more direct, I would like to be an embalmer.  I am not particularly interested in making a lot of money, but rather I would like to do something that employs my skills.  In my free time, I sculpt and paint and sew and have been told I am good at these things.  It seems as though these skills could be well applied to restorative art.

As part of my considerations, I read the book Grave Undertakings, which described rather severe sexism.  However, your stories here have eased my mind somewhat about that.  I have two other concerns. though.  I understand that this is a conservative industry, and this is where my concerns stem from.  While I respect others' choices regarding their personal beliefs, I am an atheist and would be disheartened if I were to passed on a job due to this fact.  I am not someone who needs to argue about religion, and I will not say anything unless asked a direct question. Also, I know that the dress code is suits for anyone who interacts with the public, is it such for embalmers?  It seems impractical, with that kind of work.

If I am too unusual and non-conservative to even be considered in this line of work, I would prefer to know before I put in the time and expense of completing the training.  I do intend to approach it with respect and professionalism, but I have never fit in with the mainstream, much less the conservative section of society.  Every job I have done has been pleased with my work, however, I hope that would continue into this.  

Anyway, thank you for reading this longish post.  It's good to meet you all!  I hope this goes well. 
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