Acid "Zef" (acidrica) wrote in makeupinmourges,
Acid "Zef"

Another One

Hey all. I'm Lora, I'm located in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, and I'm looking towards starting a career as a funeral director/embalmer. I'm in my senior year of high school now, and should be graduating early this month. I became interested in embalming on a whim a good while ago, and decided it seemed like a pretty good career choice for me. I want to help people, and for some reason I really, really want to pursue this. My plans are to go to the local community college this summer and start studying chemistry along with some other courses to help me make damn sure what I want to do. I'll probably go to John A. Gupton College in Nashville if I do decide go ahead with it.

So, uh, yeah, that's me. ^-^;

Right now I'm starting to worry about how strong my stomach will prove to be. I'm worried I'll get in there and freak out at the sight of a body. I don't think I will, I've dealt with dead animals a lot in the past, and they don't bother me at all. This one time I had to remove a few, uh, 'green' possums from my dad's driveway, and I actually found that interesting. The smell, though strong, didn't make me feel ill or anything. Dead people do unnerve me a bit, but only a bit, and only when they're looking at me. I really want to do this, I'm not exactly sure why at this point, but I'm really worried. I suspect I'm just afraid of failure. =/
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