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"If she wasn't dead I'd borrow her shoes..."
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Tuesday, January 7th, 2014
1:05 pm
Personalized Makeup Kits
I was wondering... do any of you have a personalized makeup kit that you have put together for your work? In other words, do you have your own bag of cosmetics that you use on decedents rather than what the company provides (if they do)?

What's in it? Brands and types appreciated.

My own has a LOT of Mary Kay cream to powder foundations; while I don't use MK on myself, it seems to work wonders on the decedents. I can go for light or heavy coverage just by how I use the sponge. I use Stila's eyeshadow palettes (forgot which one I have) for the taupes and naturals. I also carry about 5 ELF brushes for lip color, blush, and eyeliner, about six shades of blush, and an acrylic nail brush (stiff bristles) to use for mascara application. For lip color I use the company's in-house Dodge Kalochrome concealer kits and/or whatever lipsticks have been donated.

I'd love to know what some of you carry.
Tuesday, March 17th, 2009
3:21 pm
Another newbie with questions.
Hello to you all!  I was excited to find this community, since it gives me somewhere to come with questions I am having difficulty finding answers to.  I had long been interested in the funeral industry, but I was discouraged by the rather foolish belief that the only thing to be done was to be a funeral director.  I really don't feel up to that kind of organizational or sales work, but I do believe that focusing on the restorative arts would be more or less ideal to me.  To be more direct, I would like to be an embalmer.  I am not particularly interested in making a lot of money, but rather I would like to do something that employs my skills.  In my free time, I sculpt and paint and sew and have been told I am good at these things.  It seems as though these skills could be well applied to restorative art.

As part of my considerations, I read the book Grave Undertakings, which described rather severe sexism.  However, your stories here have eased my mind somewhat about that.  I have two other concerns. though.  I understand that this is a conservative industry, and this is where my concerns stem from.  While I respect others' choices regarding their personal beliefs, I am an atheist and would be disheartened if I were to passed on a job due to this fact.  I am not someone who needs to argue about religion, and I will not say anything unless asked a direct question. Also, I know that the dress code is suits for anyone who interacts with the public, is it such for embalmers?  It seems impractical, with that kind of work.

If I am too unusual and non-conservative to even be considered in this line of work, I would prefer to know before I put in the time and expense of completing the training.  I do intend to approach it with respect and professionalism, but I have never fit in with the mainstream, much less the conservative section of society.  Every job I have done has been pleased with my work, however, I hope that would continue into this.  

Anyway, thank you for reading this longish post.  It's good to meet you all!  I hope this goes well. 
Friday, February 6th, 2009
10:04 am
Another One
Hey all. I'm Lora, I'm located in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, and I'm looking towards starting a career as a funeral director/embalmer. I'm in my senior year of high school now, and should be graduating early this month. I became interested in embalming on a whim a good while ago, and decided it seemed like a pretty good career choice for me. I want to help people, and for some reason I really, really want to pursue this. My plans are to go to the local community college this summer and start studying chemistry along with some other courses to help me make damn sure what I want to do. I'll probably go to John A. Gupton College in Nashville if I do decide go ahead with it.

So, uh, yeah, that's me. ^-^;

Right now I'm starting to worry about how strong my stomach will prove to be. I'm worried I'll get in there and freak out at the sight of a body. I don't think I will, I've dealt with dead animals a lot in the past, and they don't bother me at all. This one time I had to remove a few, uh, 'green' possums from my dad's driveway, and I actually found that interesting. The smell, though strong, didn't make me feel ill or anything. Dead people do unnerve me a bit, but only a bit, and only when they're looking at me. I really want to do this, I'm not exactly sure why at this point, but I'm really worried. I suspect I'm just afraid of failure. =/
Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009
11:08 am
Seriously in need of advice
Hello, fellow ladies of the trade!

I recently graduated from my state's Funeral Service program, and I am wanting to start an apprenticeship as a funeral director and [possible] embalmer. However, I am really really lost and I have questions but no one I can ask. I don't have any family or friends in this business, so I am hoping someone here can help me out.

1) I am having a very hard time figuring out what exactly is appropriate to wear, but also in my budget. I know men typically wear suits, but what do women wear? Can I get away with a series of dresses and cardigans? Do I have to wear suit jackets? What do you wear when doing removals? Where can I find appropriate work attire that is also affordable?

2) What is the proper etiquette for getting an apprenticeship? Should I just mail my resume to every funeral home in the area? Should I attach a photo to my resume [my professor told us we should do that]?

3) I have a tattoo on my ankle. Sounds easy to cover up, but I live in the south and have an aversion to long pants in the summer. Is there any special kind of make-up that would properly conceal this?

Thanks in advance!

Current Mood: intimidated
Wednesday, January 14th, 2009
6:00 pm
Dodge seminar
I have signed up to go to the Dodge "Sunshine" Seminar in Clearwater, FL in March. Is anyone else going? Mortuary students get free registration and there is a discounted hotel rate.
Saturday, December 15th, 2007
11:30 am
Mortuary Science
Since my last post I have decided that I would like to go to school for mortuary science. I'm currently researching schools in the New England area and the mid east coast (nothing further south than Virginia.) My preference, however, is for New England.
In my searchings I found Briarwood College. I was wondering if anyone knows anything about this school and their mortuary science program? Also, are there any schools that are particularly recommended, preferably in the reigon I've mentioned?
Thursday, November 29th, 2007
10:39 am
Hi there! Just wanted to introduce myself, seeing as how I just joined. My name is Amy, I am 25 and live in New York. I have an AA in Graphic Design as well as a BA in US History and Art. I started working towards my degree in Mortuary Sciences last year and honestly I couldn't be happier. I have no family in the profession, but it was something I always felt I wanted to do. I was discouraged a lot from people I knew hence the other degrees ( though I am glad I have them!) But now that I am doing this, I *feel* like I should be doing it, if that makes any sense!

Since I don't know many people who are interested in this field, I thought this would be a nice place to find some people to chat with.


-Amy :)

Current Mood: chipper
Friday, October 26th, 2007
5:58 pm
morgue attendants and related jobs
Hello. I just joined because I have a few qestions about applying for morgue jobs.
I do not have a college education as of yet, but I am interested in morgue work. I did some research on the internet and found that morgue attendants only need a high school diploma. however, they also seem to need 2-4 years prior experience (according to one website). So my question is, how does one go about applying for a job in a morgue with only a high school diploma? What sorts of jobs are available? And who should I call to inquire about such a job?
Sunday, September 2nd, 2007
8:02 pm
Radio Golgotha - News & Upcoming Events
It has been an incredible first month. We have had hundreds of unique listeners 
tune in from as far away as Finland, Canada, Hong Kong and dozens from our home 
base in Tampa, FL.  We are particularly happy to welcome out German visitors 
which have made up almost 20% of our listenership. Now that we have stablized 
some of the technical launch issues, we will continue to add to our library of albums 
so that there will new music in rotation everyday including some smaller, but very 
interesting regional talent.  

We also have new sets from DJ Devious, Maus and DJ Xanthus set to premiere 
next week. In the next few months, we'll continue this trend with the programming 
shifting towards more Djs, more often. You'll hear club sets from England, Germany 
and all over the US. 

Thanks for your continuous support!!

-Radio Golgotha Staff


Wednesday 9/5/2007 3:00 PM EST
Set Debut 
Senor Dick is back with new set and asks Where is the Youth? It's not what you are thinking...

Sunday 9/9/2007 2:00 PM EST
Set Debut 
Artificial is the name of this set by DJ Maus. Avoid the Sunday drivers and tune-in to this Electro-Pop set. Turn it up for a perfect backdrop for those Sunday chores.
Sunday, August 12th, 2007
5:22 pm
Radio Golgotha - Streaming LIVE
The newest and hottest Gothic & Industrial radio station is finally
streaming live for your listening delight!

Radio Golgotha is an ongoing project with new Djs, a new Music section
and photo gallery as well as an updated chat room on the near horizon.

Whether you'll listen while updating your myspace/facebook profile,
writing your dissertation or slaying virtual dragons, you can find your
soundtrack here.

Check it out, and bookmark it!

www.myspace.com/radiogolgotha - add us for event info!

Your ears will thank you for it.

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Friday, March 30th, 2007
12:31 pm
Tuesday, January 16th, 2007
2:56 pm
Just a couple of questions for those who don't mind answering....

1. How hard was it for you to find an apprenticeship if you served it after graduation from mortuary school?

2. Were you hired on as a director at the firm you served your apprenticeship at? If not, why?

3. How was your experience as an apprentice? Did the directors shit on you or actually let you do things?

X-posted to a few communities, sorry if you have to see it twice.
Monday, January 15th, 2007
9:05 am
Hello all,

I wanted to say "Hi" and introduce myself. I'm Faith, and I'm starting at Worsham College of Mortuary Science near Chicago in March. I've been working at a funeral home in Rockford, IL for the past year and will continue to do so while in school.

I'd love to add as many of you to my journal as would like and be added back - I would love to have others in the business as LJ friends.

So glad to see this community!

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2007
12:40 am
I'm a senior in highschool planning on moving to Chicago, IL in the fall.
I'm absolutely lost as to what I should be doing for continuing my education.
I want to be an embalmer.

Do you know of any schools I should be looking into in the Chicago area?
I know Malcolm X has a mortuary science program, but I have no clue what good that will do me.

Any help would be amazing; I'm so lost.
Sunday, December 3rd, 2006
6:17 pm
hate to be the one who posts twice in a row but...
I was just wondering what everyone's opinions were on the social stigma of being a mortician. I just think it's odd that people think it's a creepy job, or in a lot of cases, to have this job/career, would make you a creepy person, but no one feels the same way about coroners. It's strange because both professions call for you to be spending a good chunk of your life with the dead, up close and personal.
I ask this because I've posed this question to my friends and most of them were quite open about the fact that they think that being a mortician is weird, but have never thought that way about a coroner.
Sunday, November 26th, 2006
9:56 pm
Hi. My name is Jen, and I'm new to this community. I'm currently going to school for pre-mortuary sciences, and I was wondering if anyone had any advise for those of us just starting out?
(I noticed a few posts to that effect awhile back)
Tuesday, November 21st, 2006
8:52 pm
I am just wondering how all of you handle sexism in the workplace? I mean it is a common misconception that "woman cant lift" and men (trying to be gentlemanly) tend to just take over and leave the woman standing to the side with her arms crossed secretly cursing him (or at least in my experience). How do you handle this? I find that when there is a particular body that is large I am not hesitant to ask for assistance, not because I can't do it, but because I do not want to blow out my back. I am just wondering how everyone deals with this.
8:43 pm
Does anyone, I mean ANYONE, know of a good mortuary school or program in Canada (preferably in Ontario)?!? They all seem to be in the States.


-gets on knees-


Current Mood: determined
Wednesday, November 8th, 2006
11:13 am
Hot to death
Men In Morgues- A calendar featuring some of the hottest funeral directors across the country.

This idea amuses me to no end. I think I know what I want for Christmas.
Tuesday, November 7th, 2006
11:04 pm
I'm positive this question has been asked before, and I hope this gets answered.
I'm going to be attending Vincennes University for the 2 year + Board certification program. I plan to also do distance learning/double major in Forensics.
To avoid any of the redundant, are you sures? I'd just like to inform that i've thought about this since I was about 12 years old...and seriously considered it for all of my high school career. Following this two year period, I will be transferring to Austin,Texas(if all goes well.)To the forensics institute there. My goal in life is to be elected coroner. As for high school classes I am taking ACP college english classes and medical terminology, and without sounding like a braggart i'm getting a 97% in the class.)
My questions are..
1.Is there a possibility in a double major in for instance,forensic anthropology and mortuary science, or investigative forensics and mortuary science?
2.What is the rate of pay for morticians in Texas?(if anyone knows right off the top of their heads it would be nice, but if you don't know I can always research.)
Any additional information would also be splendid.
Thanks, and take care.
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